Standing Down The Waves

by Lee Resistant

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Demo EP recorded in my living room...


released February 19, 2015

© & ℗ 2015 Lee Resistant



all rights reserved


Lee Resistant Chatham Kent, Ontario

Hailing from London, England, Lee Resistant has a punk rock heart and a poet's soul, and it all comes pouring out in his heartfelt songs of loss and hope, failure and redemption, bad times and worse luck.

Having said that, he's a pretty shitty guitar player and a terrible singer, but at least he means it..and that IS the spirit of punk rock, after all.

Isn't it?
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Track Name: I Belong To England
Living's getting expensive
People's lives are going cheap
These are things we take for granted
No-one loses any sleep
Tables turned, the tides are changing
What goes around will come around
And we'll spout useless fucking cliches
Until they burn us to the ground

You give up everything for something
Something else will come along
It's a never ending struggle
It's a never ending song
The peace I found came with a steep price
More than I thought I'd have to pay
I got no cashback or reward points
It grows in value every day

I dream I'll return to England
And hear the waves crash on her shore
I am of an island people
I'll hear those waves crash evermore
Oh my son you are an angel
Saving me from certain hell
We will walk the shores of England
And be re-baptized in the swell

Oh yeah, this is me
I am England to my core
Funny thing, what made me see
Was not living there any more
I'm that corner of a foreign field
I'm that corner of a foreign field
I am England evermore

When my life is almost over
When my turn is next to go
I'll leave my heart in the hands of my first born
And England will reclaim my soul
Track Name: Just Live
Nothing that I said
Nothing that I did
Could change the things around me
Maybe I should just live
Keep right in the head
Is the right thing to do
Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest
You know that it's true

Nothing's black or white
Everything is grey
Learn to live in the shadows
To survive another day
You gotta keep your hope
You gotta keep your faith
Keep your trust in yourself
When everything else falls away

Just live
Life takes everything you have to give

The pieces rarely fit
And never if you try
Sometimes if you're lucky
They'll line up side by side
Take the victory
Also take defeat
Keep them both together
How we're made is where they meet

Just live
Life takes everything you have to give

And I know I'm not wrong
I know that my mind is strong
I know I've found my truth
Nothing or no-one can ever touch that
I'm the walking proof

Just live
Life takes everything you have to give
Track Name: Exes And Ohs
Hey girl I think we've reached a crossroads
And every way is heading south
Coz I don't like much of your thinking
And nothing coming out your mouth

X's and O's, Exes and Oh No's

Hey girl I'll fucking tell you something
You're so transparent you should be glass
You're talking loud and saying nothing
Making yourself look like an asshole

X's and O's, Exes and Oh No's

Hey girl we've found something in common
Neither of us like you very much
It won't be long 'til you're forgotten
And I don't think we'll keep in touch

X's and O's, Exes and Oh No's
Track Name: Song For Rose
You made it through the darkest night
And watched the brightest dawn light up a friendlier sky
Did familiar hands guide you?
Telling you that everything would be all right
Are you somewhere in the summer?
Sitting on your front porch in a different life
Can you feel his arms around you?
Telling you that everything will be all right

What it is to never know exactly where it is we go
You made me strong I made my peace when it's time to be released

I want you to know, this song is for you Rose

Can you see the smiling faces
Warming in the sunshine of the years gone by
The clarity returning
Memories get stronger and come back to light
And you know my thoughts are with you and
I carry you in my heart as you watch my son rise
And I wish he could have met you but
I'll tell him all about you with a grandson's pride

What it is to never know exactly where it is we go
I'll make him strong like you made me, I thank you eternally

I want you to know, this song is for you Rose